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A diversity of spirits and happenings. What's next?
Under construction... lots of pictures to come from past and new events!

2005 12/03 Candle-Making: Just for fun.
Other stuff---
2005 02/20 Candle-Making: Preparation for Beltane Celebration
2005 02/12 Spirit Mandala Making by Uhulurulu "Rumi: The Gift of Love" 
2004 12/19 Winter Solstice Celebration & Mandala --pics to come!
2004 12/04 Ornament & Gift Making
2004 11/13 Spirit Mandala workshop by Uhulurulu "Into the Labyrinth"
2004 09/13 Spirit Mandala workshop by Uhulurulu "Circles of Frivolity"
2004 09/11-12 Starland's "Work & Play " Weekend --pics to come
2004 08/29 Heart Circle and Art --pics to come
2004 08/28 Spirit Mandala workshop "Building a Mandala Altar" by Uhulurulu -pics to come
2004 08/07 Spirit Mandala workshop "What You are Not" -pics to come
2004 07/10 Spirit Mandala workshop by Uhulurulu "Super Heroes & Villains"
2004 00/00 Spirit Mandala workshop by Uhulurulu Other Samples
2004 06/26-27 Deep Creek/Bowen Ranch with Hot Spring Hounds
2002 12/04 New Moon "Wild faerie Ornaments" For a time we gathered during the New Moon for a variety of functions, crafts, massage, performance art, movies, healing &...
2002 11/04 New Moon "Shrine Making"
2002 10/06 New Moon Tie-dye Lessons by Avatar and Surya
More New Moon Archives
2002 10/05 "Bacchanalia" A Tribute to Randy for his gracious contributions to our communities in the past, as now.
Download all Bacchy Photos 2.19 MB Zip file
2002 09/28 Deep Creek Campout Gathering Small Faerie gatherettes are a Moon Circle tradition about three times a year.
2002 03/30 Deep Creek Display as Single page
2002 03/30 Deep Creek Display as "I"-Frames -Let me know which "display" you like better.
2001 09/01 Faerie Picnic West Hollywood Park. There were at least three of these... previous pictures to come.
2001 07/00 Deep Creek "Calling Spirit" An extraordinary campout with ritual.

2000 09/08 Full Moon Faerie Heart Circle -a tradition full moon
2000 08/31 New Moon Faerie Massage Circle -a tradition newl moon

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