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Updated Sunday September 18, 2011

What or Who are fAERIES?
Harry Hay
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posted 2/27/2011

If you are still searching for a Los Angeles contingent of the Los Angeles Radical Faeries, please visit "FAELA.ORG." Good Faeries, Osiris and Mariner will help you.

Since Matrix (now "Lobo") has basically been moved from his place in Los Angeles of thirteen years to Highland Park of Los Angeles and to Starland in Flamingo Heights of the Mojave Desert... yes, he lives in both places. --- and it's not easy. Lobo has taken Moon Circle to the Mojave Desert to serve the local desert faeries. Faeries may join Lobo and faerie kin on any weekend at Starland. Give a shout out first, a heads-up is always appreciated.. Start by visiting the Starland website or email Lobo directly by clicking here.

Moon Circle in the desert... this should be interesting... and more rustic than when it was in the city of Los Angeles. Starland is a great place for Moon Circle, there's lots of space and potential. Plus Faeries can spend the night any time of the week and anytime of the year. Starland has been a place for recreation, rest and relaxation, creativity, and sociability.

As a guest of Moon Circle for a Moon Circle event there is no fee to visit Starland. Moon Circle expects to serve the local desert faeries as they may come. This is just starting, so stay tuned.

Matrix has Moved...
posted 9/4/2010 -updated 9/18/2011

I no longer live at the old Shenandoah place since about 2009. From there I moved to Tujunga in the San Fernando Valley for about a year and then I moved again in March 2010 to Highland Park to live with a good friend temporarily until I eventually moved to moved to Starland in the high desert beginning in August of 2010. I have always dreamed of living there. I hope to re-kindle Moon Circle there once I've settled in more.

In the mean time, Los Angeles has a new Faerie Community movement via "FaeLA" FaeLA is a listserve for event news and communication between those that subscribe.

posted 7/16/2010

NEW! Los Angeles Faeries listserve -FaeLA -cyber venue -news and communication between subscribers.
San Diego Faeries -Yahoo Group: -cyber venue
Starland in the Mojave Desert: -an actual "land" place.

Moon Circle -moving to the Mojave Desert: -website *
Moon Circle Lunin: -news announcement list serve **
Moon Circle -Yahoo Group: -cyber venue ****

* Once meant for Los Angeles, now moving to the Mojave Desert
** Based and started in LA, members will receive news about Moon Circle in/at Starland
**** Based and started in LA also, allows for intercommunication between members as well as receiving news about Moon Circle at Starland.

Questions? EMAIL

You guys just HAVE to come up to Starland!

I'm trying to drag all my friends up to Starland to enjoy being a part of something... weird?

Well, here's a picture..

The country-side speaks for it self.
The lower right building is a large "Main Hall" where community activities happen.
There is a house, a few cabins and trailer(s) to host guest for over-night stays.
The back-country is for exploring and hiking.
Have a look at the calendar for events... Starland Calendar

STARLAND / moon circle -a little history

Over the last ten years or so Matrix via Moon Circle have been and still is a huge supporter of Starland. We've done a lot in those ten years promoting and facilitating certain events which have ranged from "spiritual gatherings" for Radical Faeries and kin, facilitating work shops (massage, arts & crafts), and celebrations for birthdays, Pagan (earth religions) seasonal celebrations, or just bring up friends to "hang-out" for a weekend in a splendid desert atmosphere.

The Suggestion Box...

'Have ideas? Let me know -Click!

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