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Commercial & Spiritual
Brotherhood Tarot
by Pipa

'Draws inspiration from Gay history and mythology to create the ultimate masculine fantasy Tarot deck 78 colorful cards that draw from the traditional structure of the tarot while reinventing the look with bold, colorful Radical Faerie imagery. Digital photography and concept 12by Patric Stillman (Pipa Phalange).


Who are the Radical Faeries?


Different Stuff

What the hell is Burning Man?

Radical Faeries Chat Room from New York City website

Drumming Resources

Arts and Services for the disabled, Inc


Lauren Daniels

UpBeat Drum Circles
Christine Stevens


Latino Men's Group Project
The mission of the Latino Men's Group Project is to empower men to take a leadership role in living a healthy life through education and community involvement.

We Offer:

One on One Counseling
Support Groups
Leadership Development Trainings
Community Involvement Activities
STD and HIV Testing Referrals
Substance Abuse Referrals

Weekly Latino Men's Group Support Group
Every Monday at 7:30pm

@The Wall Las Memorias Project
111 N Ave 56, Los Angeles CA 90042
(Highland Park)
(Click here to see the map)


Faerie websites:
"A bit of History..." by Khrysso Heart LeFey


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Local Circles:
 DC Radical Faeries in Washington
 Euro-Faeries ... ehr... uh.. the not-so-local Faeries
 Moon Circle Faeries Los Angeles, California You are Here [
 Moon Circle:
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Sanctuaries, Communities & Retreats:

 aka. Amber Fox Summer Gathering Place. Ontario, Canada
Vermont Berdache Brotherhood Homestead's Homepage!
Southern Colorado.
Faerie Camp Destiny Sanctuary and community in Grafton
Folleterre Sanctuary Eastern France
Kalani Honua Retreat Center on the Big Island of Hawai'i
 Kawashaway and the Northwoods Tribe of Radical Faeries ...    or   june 8th 11 th   summer gig    first 10  or 12 days in aug. way up north, in the MN. WOODS.
 Nashville Radical Faerie community is a growing community of sometimes like-minded individuals working to make Nashville more Fabulous!
 Nomenus Wolf Creek Sanctuary Originally envisioned simply as a place to host Radical Faery gatherings, Nomenus's eighty-acre sanctuary in Wolf Creek has since evolved into the home of a small intentional community of Caretakers and long-term visitors, as well as a site for shorter personal retreats and workshops. It has become a place where we explore the nature of queer men's spirituality and community on an on-going basis in our communal and private circles, our discussions and our collective labor to nurture and beautify the Sanctuary.
a non-profit religious organization founded in 1984 to create, preserve and manage places of spiritual and cultural sanctuary, for Radical Faeries and their friends to gather in harmony with nature, for renewal, growth and shared learning.
 New York City Faerie Life Radical Faerie Home
 Rivendell Ranch - GLBT owned and operated Campground and Ranch for Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transgenders, and their friends and supporters.
 River Spirits Radical Faeries in Memphis TN. We call ourselves "River Faeries" in honor of the magic of the Mississippi River, a source of strength and wisdom.
 Starland Retreat "The friendliest retreat in the Mojave Desert of California."
 Zuni Mountain Sanctuary
A Radical Faerie space in Northwest New Mexico

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Web Resource Sites:
website exists to pull together Radical Faerie information: links to resources and web pages, news, information, and pointers to other faerie lists. Our site is also available to host various faerie projects. is managed by the radfae websters, and we're open for new members and volunteers.
 RFD MagaZine is a reader-written journal focused on queer country living and alternative lifestyles. For over 28 years, RFD has explored community, diverse sexuality, caring for the environment, radical faerie consciousness, nature-centered spirituality and sharing the experiences of our lives. is a great way for gay rural folk to connect.
 Gay Evolution Connection and Action resource

Search Over 52,000 Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Listings:

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Miscellaneous Faerie STUFF:
 Faerie Village Arising out of San Francisco Pride for its third year, the Faerie Freedom Village is a commercial-free oasis where you can catch the radical faeries sprinkling their magick north of the U.N. Plaza fountain.
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Miscellaneous Men's STUFF:
CMG (California Men's Gathering) The CMG's mission is to provide a safe and supportive atmosphere for men to explore healthy, responsible and satisfying ways of defining their lives as men in modern American society. HOT LINE (323) 960-5517
 Gay Men's Medicine Circle (GMMC) Based in West Hollywood, California dedicated to the well-being of gay men and the welfare of the gay community throughout Southern California.
  M.E.N. (Massage-Exchange Network) This is a club for men who enjoy both giving and receiving touch. Its primary purpose is to provide connections to others of like-mind so that they can share their touch with one another.
 Passion Fruits (Veggie LA) Gay Vegetarians Social Club
 Community Visions For the best in Gay & Lesbian Social and Sports Events
 CMEN (California Men Enjoying Nature) West Coast Gay Naturist Gatherings HOT LINE 213 368-8937
 B-MEN: (Beach Men Enjoying Naturism) http://B-MEN.Org A gay & bi male nudist group based in the Orange County/Long Beach area of Southern California.
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Miscellaneous Moon Circle Supported STUFF:
 Great Outdoors Southern California's largest gay & lesbian recreational organization!
 Out Doors Club We are a member-operated web-based activity & social club for outdoor enthusiasts with thousands of members and activities almost every day. The Web along with tools developed for this site enable people to organize and join our activities. We have no club officers, bureaucracy, mandatory meetings, or political agenda. Best of all, because the Club is member-operated, most activities are free. So if you want to hike, bike, climb, backpack, snowboard, or any other outdoor pursuit beginner to expert with fun loving, active folks, the Club is for you!
 LA People Connection features weekly events for friends across greater Los Angeles. With over 3100 subscribers and over 1000+ events in the past three years, LAPC brings together friends from diverse backgrounds and communities. It's still FREE to belong no membership fees, since 1999!
 Hi-Ways Performance Art Space & Gallery in Santa Monica, California. 'Has a lot of Faerie History in Los Angeles.
 Justinsight Yoga Classes Hollywood area $5 yoga classes almost every night. Justin teaches a multi level, mostly beginners class once a day and the price in unbeatable. there's only one class a day and usually no more than 8-10 people in the class.
 "The Freak Show" is a monthly event styled after the traveling sideshows of yesteryear. It is part night club, part nouveaux-cabaret, and part punk rock all wrapped together into a kaleidoscopic carnival. Each month features a different theme and a variety of live music and entertainment. A bedlam, both fun and friendly, we welcome all kinds to join our circus as participant or spectator.
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Nomenus Stuff... Local Circles, Sanctuaries, Fae Friendly, Resources
Local Faerie Circles Faeries all over the world. Faeries near you.
Sanctuaries and Communities Places to visit for gatherings, events, community or solitude.
Gatherings Meetings of faeries for a day or a week.
Faerie Photos Memories of our communities.
Arts Fruits of our creativity.
Resources References, collections and links.
Harry Hay The father of the Radical Faeries died on Oct. 24, 2002.

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